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Russian as a foreign language

Расписание и стоимость обучения

Дата старта Программа Длительность Дни занятий Время занятий Цена Записаться
По набору Semi-individual lessons (2 people per group) in Russian. The schedule is being agreed. The minimum package is 5 lessons. The price is for one person in a couple. 90 minutes 24/7 1 700 Записаться
По набору Individual lessons in Russian. The schedule is being agreed. The minimum package is 5 lessons. 90 minutes 24/7 2 600 Записаться
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Learning Russian language with Viva Lingua Group is easy and effective. One-to-one tuition guarantees fast progress and an optimal focus on needed language skills.We always aim to offer a professional complete service in every area to do everything possible to attend to individual students needs. Among our clients are many respected companies: we are proud to provide language servises to the executive and top managers of Bank Sankt-Peterburg, Gazprom companies, Ultrapolimer company, Alarm Motours and many others.

Our extensive range of Russian language programmes has been designed to ensure that the specific needs of each individual are met: general Russian and Russian for business, intensive express courses, corporate teaching and individual classes.

All our teachers have professional teaching qualifications and are selected for their enthusiasm as well as their ability. Friendly and accessible, they appreciate the needs of students and take an active role in planning courses. Our modern communicative approach is conceived to stimulate your interest in learning Russian language.The course contents cover all aspects of grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening, reading and writing.


We recommend you to take at least 2 or 3 lessons per week, in order to facilitate the immersion into the Russian language and culture. One lesson is 2 academic hours minimum (1 hour 30 minutes)

General Russian course

The programme consists of three levels: elementary, intermediate, advanced. Every level lasts 144 academic hours. The course of elementary Russian provides with the necessary Russian language skill for its practical use. Emphasis is laid on conversation. Intermediate and advanced students will get the necessary training to improve their command in both oral and written form.

Business Russian course

This course is designed for persons who want to work in Russia, build up a company or find Russian partners. You will learn specific business vocabulary and get ready for any possible professional situation by means of dialogues. A medium level is necessary to apply for this course (good basic grammar knowledge + about 600 words vocabulary).

You can choose subjects among the following :

- Contracts (price and payment, goods delivery, goods packaging, guaranty, goods control and reception, transport and insurance, litigation)

- Russian business letters (going through customs, declaring goods and state tariffs, business transactions, requests and offers)


The price for an academic hour (45 minutes) is 1000 rubles. 

The price includes: teaching materials, rent of Viva Lingua classroom (any time from 9 am to 7 pm, weekends inclusive) or teacher travelling to your office, course tailoring.

The team of skilled teachers who are carefully chosen because of their qualifications and varied background experience and fully engaged, friendly staff are waiting for you at Viva Lingua Group!

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